Cosmetic Dentist 98247

Cosmetic Dentist 98247

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Cosmetic Smile Makeover in 98247

Unless you have a whole smile without missing teeth; one that is white and bright; and is free of imperfections, gaps, receding gums, etc., then you can probably take advantage of our cosmetic smile makeover here at Everson Dental Clinic. With a simple examination and consultation, you will know the exact treatment plan that will take you from your current smile to the one you want and deserve.

To replace missing teeth, our cosmetic dentist 98247 will use dental implants. Why not a traditional bridge or dentures? From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, an implant fits in seamlessly with your other teeth. It’s nearly impossible to tell it apart from natural teeth on either side of it. Bridges and dentures are more obviously different. But even if your concern is more focused on aspects like being able to chew food and longevity, implants still have the edge. Bonding and veneers address mostly similar complaints, like teeth that are chipped, misshapen or crooked, have wide spaces between them, or with too much gum showing. One or the other, or both may be appropriate for you depending on your unique circumstances. Our cosmetic dentist 98247 will make recommendations, but the final decision is, of course, yours. And no cosmetic smile makeover could possibly be considered complete without addressing stains and discoloration. Our teeth whitening treatments are safe, effective, and quick acting. The effects can be expect to last for a year at least and up to as long as five years. As for the other components of your treatment, veneers last longer than bonding, up to fifteen years or longer. And with proper care, you may get a lifetime out of dental implants.

Set up an appointment to come in and see our cosmetic dentist 98247. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start enjoying your new smile.

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